Yes, your daughter can use Anna’s to help with discomforts culminating in menstrual cramps.

We expect Anna’s would help relieve menstrual pain and spasms during the second cycle. Women experiencing the occurrence of menopausal symptoms should also be helped during the second month, some menopausal women may need three months. Please refer to the User Guide.

We do not suggest you use the cream while you are on the Pill.

Yes, we would expect Anna's to help with the occurrence of menopausal symptoms after a hysterectomy. We would suggest you follow the Post Menopause protocol as you will never again experience a period.

Anna's contains Phyto sterol nutrients and no manmade hormones and can be used for Menstrual pain and spasms and for the occurrence of Menopausal symptoms as long as you wish. We would expect your discomforts to have disappeared during the first three months.

We suggest continuing with Anna's after you begin to feel well again to allow your body to maintain balance. If you decide to stop Anna's when happy with your results there are no side effects if stopped at any time and Anna's can be resumed if needed.

Men often use Anna’s as the steroid hormone pathways of a man and a woman’s are exactly the same, the essential differences are determined by our genes.

A man’s genes know he needs more testosterone whereas a woman’s genes know we need more of our three estrogens. If you decided to try Anna’s you would use ¼ of a 2.5ml teaspoon morning and night every day without any breaks.