"I have found the yam cream useful in preventing acne and facial hair, even in the two months I have been on it. But most of all I feel more alert and able to think more clearly since I have been taking it." Jeannie


  • Carol Hamilton - developer of Anna's Wild Yam Cream
    Carol Hamilton
There is no Anna! However there is Carol, who was too modest to have the product for which she was responsible in bringing to fruition, named after her, so instead we chose the name Anna for its charm as a timeless and classical feminine name, its ease of recall, and of course it tops the alphabet.
Let me, her husband relate the story of Anna's Wild Yam Cream and its very pertinent beginnings.
It began in 1988 when we made the decision to escape the urban pollution for a quieter healthier life in the country - these days its called a Sea change or Tree change!
We acquired a 25 acre property on the Pacific Highway 350km north of Sydney with a derelict cottage which we discovered was of historic interest, and I set about its restoration while Carol continued to work, commuting weekends.
Inveterate motoring tourers as we are, appalled by the limited choice of roadside meals, we decided to open the cottage as a Teahouse providing fresh healthy light meals and refreshments to locals and passing motorists to keep us active and involved.
It was a resounding success due mainly to Carol's attention to detail and professional work ethic, refusing to rest until the next days offerings of healthy foods and home cooked soups etc were prepared, then up at daybreak to bake fresh scones.
However this was also her undoing health wise, in that the workload she had taken on in the three strenuous years resulted in the over stressing of her adrenals, with late onset asthma the first symptom to materialise.
We were not immediately aware of what had caused the asthma and set about investigating all the possible causes, eliminating them one by one. Not one of the medicos consulted identified the cause, but the common solution offered was to prescribe cortisone.
Carol was distressed by her concerns of the cortisone's dreadful side effects, and on each occasion that she attempted to wean herself off it resulted in an emergency visit to hospital.
Her overall health was steadily deteriorating, causing us both great concern, we sought answers from Practitioners of all disciplines, Natural Therapists, GP's to Specialists, all to no avail.
At a time when Carol was taking on the appearance of an anorexic, the medical diagnosis finally emerged that most likely her endocrine system was closing down, and apart from increasing the cortisone, there was literally nothing more they could offer.
At that time the dreaded menopause arrived along with the prescription for HRT, which Carol rejected. Fortunately she had read an article by Sherrill Sellman (later author of Hormone Heresy) on the benefits of Wild Yam Cream, on contacting Sherrill a jar of cream was quickly arranged.
Within six weeks Carol was back in vibrant health, an absolute miracle. Clearly her endocrine system had responded remarkably well to the wild yam cream, which also quickly brought her menopausal symptoms under control.
Making a common mistake Carol thought that she was on top of her problems and did not require any further yam cream! As she began to slide back, Carol commenced an urgent search for more cream, finally locating a nearby Naturopath who was making his own.
Carol quickly became his client, and asked him why it wasn't it widely available? His response was 'That he was a Practitioner, not a Manufacturer!' It was then that Carol made the decision that Australian women had the right to know of the wonders of Wild Yam Cream, and that we should set about finding out how we could achieve just that.
Drawing on Carol's commercial experience with health and beauty products as a department store buyer and her knowledge of manufacturing laboratories, we took the Naturopath's basic cream, with his knowledge to a laboratory, where their biochemist created a formula to our quality specifications, which after minor modifications tested most successfully.
Shortly after launch of the product Carol was interviewed on Regional ABC Radio as part of the International Women's Week program, The interview was rebroadcast over all regional ABC stations in the state, and Anna's was off to a flying start with other states following soon afterwards.
Anna's Farm Pty Ltd, as our business is known, now markets our highly successful Wild Yam Cream in all States and Territories of Australia, its reputation has spread widely with clients throughout the World to whom we airmail regularly.
We are a single purpose company dedicated to producing the highest quality and most effective Wild Yam Cream so that women may have the freedom to choose a safe drug free alternative and enjoy the best that Natural Health can offer them - wherever they may be.
Our best healthy wishes to you all.
Max Hamilton